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Beaver Scouts from all over Maidenhead District went to Boyne Hill Altwood Scout Hall on Sunday 5th November to take part in the District Beaver Scout Craft Competition. The classes of entry were divided between six year old's and seven year old's. Beaver Scouts were able to enter two items in the competition and could choose from a variety of activities.

The winning colony was

Winning Colony entry by 21st (Wed)

Beaver craft Event  2006
& year old Furze Platt Beaver

2nd place Colony entry by 13th Maidenhead

Beaver craft Event  2006

Tower of London - Winning entry in Junk Craft Famous Building category

Beaver craft Event  2006

Beaver Scout from 21st(Wed) with winning colony entry and certificate

Beaver craft Event  2006

1st place certificates for the Collage and Junk Craft categories

Beaver craft Event  2006
Furze Platt Beaver

Click Here for copy of 2006 Results Sheet

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